Friday, February 17, 2012

Haiti Day Two: Feb. 17, 2012

Nearly a dozen children rushed to greet the van carrying the Foundry VIM team this morning as it pulled into Mellier.

The buzz demonstrated that previous Foundry teams created an enduring connection to the people in this rural community about 10 kilometers east of Port au Prince in Leogane, the epicenter of the 2010 earthquake.

The following is a reflection by Foundry VIM team member Lauren VanEnk, who is on her second VIM trip to Haiti:

Everything is growing! Today we arrived at our work site in Mellier, and the only thing familiar about it was the shining faces of the children. The church community center had grown from a bare foundation to a full two-story building.

The rocky path behind the kitchen was suddenly a full garden of tomatoes and green peppers.

Even the number of children at the school has grown. The progress is amazing!

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Susan Ozawa said...

Praise God! That's wonderful. Praying for the foundry team and the good people of Mellier.