Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Foundry Haiti VIM: Day Five, Feb. 21

The Foundry Haiti VIM team reached out to members of the Mellier community today to learn about their daily challenges and pass their concerns along to the Haiti Response Plan in Port au Prince and to the Foundry congregation.

In the morning, Nicole Woo, Lauren VanEnk and Ace Parsi met with the faculty of the school in Mellier that convenes at the VIM site.

The teachers told the VIM team that they struggle with lack of training and low and inconsistent pay. But they continue on because of their love of education.

At the end of the day, the Foundry VIM team met with 30 Mellier citizens in the makeshift church on the site.

The Mellier residents cited a lack of water and a dearth of jobs as two of the community's biggest problems. The former is undermining agriculture while the latter results in idle youth who can cause trouble. Mellier also needs some kind of training school for post-secondary education, according to one speaker.

Lunch, too, was a community affair, with the school faculty and church leaders joining the Foundry team. After lunch, the team presented four duffel bags full of gifts for the school and the church.

For the second day, Lauren, Becky Hein, Lynn Kim and Dawn Hand conducted Vacation Bible School. They led 52 students in several activities.

Work on the construction site continued. The Foundry team played key roles on a cement-supply chain that produced substantial progress on support beams for a balcony in the church-multipurpose facility.

While construction was going on, Becky and other Foundry VIM team members taught local women to make jewelry.

Becky hopes the women will be able to start their own micro-business.

"Today we taught people how to fish," Becky said.

The Foundry team has built on the foundation of the two previous teams to journey to Mellier over the last year.

"We are touched that you have come to live among us," said Patrick Pierre, principal of the school.

The Foundry team benefited from the generous hospitality of the community. The cooks and interpreters were a blessing. They made our Haiti experience comfortable and joyous.

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