Monday, February 20, 2012

Foundry Haiti VIM: Day Five, Feb. 20

Monday was a holiday both in the United States and in Haiti, giving the Foundry VIM team a chance to conduct Vacation Bible School.

Lauren VanEnk, Lynn Kim and Becky Hein led nearly 100 children in arts and crafts, Bible lessons and games.

Meanwhile, the VIM team construction crew continued to work on the church- multipurpose building, forming a cement-transport assembly line to build a balcony in the structure.

Later in the afternoon, the VIM team toured nearby Leogane. We took a bouncy ride in a tap tap along unpaved side streets. Our visit included a stop at a sugar-cane processing facility, a hospital and the sprawling Leogane market.

On the way back, we passed a housing division comprised of new homes built in place of those that crumbled in the 2010 earthquake.
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Anonymous said...

Way to go team! Now, we have new Foundry VBS leaders! Praise God!