Sunday, February 19, 2012

Foundry VIM in Haiti: Day 4, Feb. 19

Two members of the Foundry VIM team delivered messages and the group sang and presented several gifts to the Eglise Methodiste de Mellier during the church's service on Sunday, Feb. 19.

The Foundry team was greeted warmly by the 160 people attending the morning worship. We led a Creole-English rendition of "Marching in the Light of God" and presented to the church four hymnals, a bowl, a chalice and a digital audio edition of the Bible in Creole.

Meditations from two Foundry VIM team members highlighted the service. Ace Parsi, a Haiti VIM veteran, told the congregation how happy he was to return to Mellier.

"God and the church are in the people here," Parsi said. "I have never felt the presence of God as I do when I stand with the people here."

Harold Raymond, another VIM team member and a Haitian-American, addressed the congregation in Creole.
Moved by the opportunity to share a message with fellow Haitians, Harold gave an emotional meditation, saying the Foundry group was responding to God's call to help Haiti rebuild and relieve its suffering.

He then led the congregation in a spirited version of the hymn "Quel Beau Nom."

Later in the day, the women of the Foundry VIM team led a meeting of nearly 50 Mellier women. They covered health, economics and education.

Afterwards, they made jewelry and played with the nearly two dozen children who attended the event.

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Krista said...

I love seeing the pictures of our two communities, so different in so many ways, coming together in praise and with so many smiles!