Friday, October 15, 2010

Last day...sad to leave.

It is Friday and we will depart Goldsboro, NC around 11 AM and head back to Washington DC. We did a lot of important work this week and were very happy to see Phyllis this morning. She is the lady who runs Shiloh Farms the daycare and camp for children with disabilities. She has fallen on a lot of hard times and she just wanted to let us know how much she appreciated our work on her place. There are several new lights around the property so that she can feel safe. (Thanks Ken for hanging the lights and figuring out other electrical problems!) Phyllis also commented on how great the game barn looked after we painted it. (Thanks Caroline and Jim!) And of course the horse shelters! Now the animals have a place to cover themselves when bad weather comes. (Thanks Krista!)

This morning before we go, the Foundry VIM team is assembling school kits. This week Foundry contributed lots of supplies to the school kits, health kits and flood buckets. (186 tubes of toothpaste, 119 nail clippers, 80 erasers, 75 rulers, 30 bottles of household cleaner, 24 bottles of laundry detergent, and 23 pencil sharpeners.) These materials were paid for using the funds raised from the2010 VIM silent auction at Foundry UMC.

Several churches in the area have donated birthing kits for Haiti, but the MERCI center has no way of getting them there. So, I've piled about 75 birthing kits (flannel baby blanket, gloves, soap, string, and a razor blade) into my car and will take them back to Foundry UMC. We will then combine them with the ones that the Foundry congregation will put together for the Great Day of Service. All of them will then be sent to Haiti.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, Jim and team, for posting what you did, as well as sharing the photos. One can see the love in your service.
Sarah Stiles