Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cleaning out the gutters and North Carolina bbq

After the rain ended, we cleaned out the gutters at a house of a widow. Barbara's husband was a retired Methodist minister. She held Krista's ladder as Krista cleaned out the gutter. Caroline and Jim took turns climbing the other ladder. This picture shows the crew pointing to the clean gutters!

For dinner, we ate at Adams Roadside bar-b-q just down the road from the MERCI Center. It is only open Thursdays through Sundays. We had to order our food early because they run out fast. Our orders were ready for us when we arrived. We took our food outside and ate at the picnic tables in the parking lot. The food was sooo good.

After dinner we stopped at Shiloh Farms to admire our week's work. The vapor light that Ken put up on the barn we painted came on so Ken was happy it worked. We all stopped to watch the 5 week old puppies. They are very cute!


Anonymous said...

Read your blog and smiled! That must have been a lovely crew taking turns "holding the ladder" while someone climbs up and down to clean out the rain gutters. From one Believer to another please consider keeping yourself a little safer and do those gutters with a tool, Inspired by God, Designed and Distributed solely on-line, by Gutter Clutter Buster, LLC. It was made here in the USA to keep others working and the operators safe on the ground while cleaning the gutters (even second story gutters) and do them faster, easier, cleaner, and safer! God bless you all and stay well and stay safe. Keep smiling and know you are loved.

thiruppathy999 said...

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Willene Fagen said...

Hi there, Jim! Cleaning the gutters may not be an enjoyable task to do, but I must say that you had a wonderful time doing it along with your team! I think that’s what we call “instant” bonding moment! Haha! Anyway, I’m glad that you’ve cleaned out your gutters after the rain, so you won’t have a problem about the clogging.

Willene Fagen