Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another work day and the barn got painted with the second coat!

This morning the Foundry group was in charge of providing the morning devotion for the volunteers at MERCI Center. We decided to use our church statement of call as our basis then read the key scripture (Mark 12: 28-31). Of course we had to sing a couple of songs including "rise and shine and give God your glory, glory..." but we couldn't remember all the hand movements but did include the clap.
After the morning devotion we got right over to Shiloh Farms and began our work. The painting crew worked steady and by lunchtime we had the barn painted with the second coat! The only thing that is left is for Ken to install the floodlight at the top. He did that later in the afternoon.

The folks that were setting up the tent garages in the field also completed there work and started to hang wood underneath a metal awning so that the horses wouldn't hurt themselves on the sharp edges. There are several other projects to be done....and we will get to them tomorrow. We did have time to meet some of the kids that attend the Shiloh Farms after school program. (See the picture of Caroline and I with Phillip).

This evening, we decided to host a dinner and invited the Nomads group. At 6:30 PM we had the chicken ready together with veggies, rice, spaghetti and sauce. Did I mention that we also had freshly baked cookies! We had a great time of fellowship around a camp fire. (Thanks to Eric for cooking our food ahead of time and sending them with us frozen. Your meals were delicious!)

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