Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dulac in pictures

Here it is! The Dulac Community Center of the United Methodist Church. The building on the far left with the tarp houses the clothing rooms, library, and some storage facilities that were all flooded during Ike. The middle building is the gymnasium that's currently a distribution center. The right building are the administration offices, classrooms, and kitchen. Behind the last building is the guest house, where we're staying.
Here we are at the Dulac Community Center! This sign is on the front of the community center's main building, which for now is acting as a warehouse until its back rooms are repaired.
Muddy boots left over from the volunteers last week. They were mainly responsible for mucking out houses. We've been fortunate so far to not have this as a task!Here's the mud I was talking about. It's five inches thick in some places, is black, and won't go away unless hauled out with a shovel and/or power washer.We're joined on our VIM journey by two other teams, one from Ardmore, Oklahoma, and another from Yukon, Oklahoma.The new mural that they'd just had painted in the library a month before Ike hit and destroyed everything. Doris was so proud of this!The water line reached 5 feet in the community center. Here's evidence of the flood, marked in grass debris, on the door leading outside.
The gang, minus me (photographer) and the Broadwaters, at Schmoopy's, our favorite restaurant in Dulac!Here's a before picture of the house we demolished in our first two days.Lots of wires to be trimed, wall board to be torn down, before we could get the roof off the house. Bobbi is taking care of these tasks!The roof had five layers of shingles. Here's Brenda peeling one away.Team leader Ken from Foundry and John from Yukon supervise the tear-down of the left part of the house.

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