Saturday, November 10, 2007

Romans 12: 4-8 - Many Gifts!

The verses that we chose as a theme for this trip are Romans 12: 4-8. Paul speaks about how we are all one body in Christ - and that we each have different gifts according to the grace given us. (Note: I can only reference it thanks to the Gideons and their hotel Bibles. My Bible's in my suitcase at the airport!) Indeed, our team has many gifts and I've already seen them in action.

Lynn Kim has demonstrated her prowness in negotiation - at the very ugly scene at the gate counter, at the re-ticketing counter, and for taxis as well. I'm following her at the airport. (Top pic: Lynn's on the right - she and Yadira are diplomatically talking up the re-ticketing agent).

Stephen has shown his incredible organizational talents. We learned today that he has a personalized binder with all his trip materials...and highlighted portions of what he's responsible for to boot! (He's in front on the plane picture...expressing his love for American Airlines).

The last is a photo of us suffering for Volunteers in Mission at sunset at South Beach. (Left to right, Stephen, Rebecca, Fred, Yadira, Jana).

We are very disappointed to be missing out on our planned activities in Nicaragua today - and we'll also unfortunately be missing the church service tomorrow at Hiahleah United Methodist Church in Managua. Foundry supports the pastor there. Luckily - we do have one team member already in Nicaragua. Lucian Caspar went down on Wednesday (not sure if he was on American Airelines ;-), so he has been there to represent us. I believe that now our activities meant for yesterday will be done tomorrow. Our team has been taking all the changes in stride - one gift God seems to have blessed all of us with is a good sense of humor!

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