Monday, November 19, 2007

Photos from last few days

We brought cards and pictures from the children at Foundry for the kids at Hialeah - and they made cards for us to take back to the kids at Foundry. Here they are showing off their cards.

Lucian with a Hialeah church member, leading the kids in song.

This is the area surrounding Hialeah church.

Stephen and Rebecca talking with the kids before we left.

One of the kids showing off his puppet handiwork.

Here we are after the Bible school in front of Hialeah. Lots of people had left by this time - we estimated that we must have had at least 150 kids coming and going.

Our interpreter Jimmy, and Catalina who organized much of our trip are on the far left. The rest are the team with some of the Methodist pastors in Nicaragua. We had dinner with them one night. There are 13 Methodist churches total in Nicaragua - all quite small and in poor communities.

I believe these monkeys are native to Nicaragua - but not to where we saw them. We took a boat tour on our last day around these small volcanic islands near Granada. Some are just big enough for a house and a small yard. Most have been bought by wealthy folks - and there are some beautiful homes. One island was only occupied by trees...and three or four of these monkeys. They were brought there by someone on one of the neighboring islands. We were told that they are fed by that neighbor (I think I heard that he's a veterinarian), passing tourists - and the mango trees on the island.

Our team with Pastor Elmer at the volcanic lake. Lucian, Rebecca and I went swimming. From left to right: Sarah, Stephen, Yadira, Fred, Elmer, Lynn, Rebecca, Jana, Lucian.

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