Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Bible School Day 1

Photos finally! We moved hotels today and are staying the one we had originally planned for (before we had to cancel our trip to San Francisco Libre) and behold the wireless connection!

The first is of the group this morning before heading out. The second is of Lucian with the kids at Hialeah United Methodist Church. It was a total madhouse - but really fun. Hialeah is a community church - and the community definitely showed up for the American show. Unfortunately, I didn't get to see everything else that was going on. Stephen planned all these activities (God bless him) and there were 4 activities going on simultaneously. Lucian and I had the "making a wooden toy" station. They were little kits - so the kids went home with a toy. Lynn and Yadira led a "tooth brush demo" - along the lines of when you're at the dentist and they ask you how you brush your teeth. Fred and Jana had a game going with kids outside - involving a big, blow up globe/ball...geography and throwing a large object all in one game. And they also did coloring/prayer/scripture lesson with Rebecca and Stephen. I understand that the toothbrush and scripture got we didn't have space to split those groups. Holy toothbrush!

All in all it was a really busy and hectic day and I think we're all exhausted. We could certainly use your prayers for continued patience with each other, with our hosts, the children and situations beyond our control.

Right after the Bible school - we met with Hialeah church members. Pastor Elmer suggested that as a next step that both our congreations form a committee to stay in touch. They've already identified 4 people, representative of their congregation. One woman, one man, and two youth - one girl and one boy. Their church has a lot of programs - they offered 8 scholarships to high school/university students of $50-$80 dollars each.
[We're right now practicing for tomorrow's bead activity with women...Lynn sends a shout out to her sister Lahn - who has been good at commenting on the blog!]
I'd like to end with a thank you for the life of my Aunt Kathleen, my Dad's sister. She passed away last week of pancreatic cancer. She was such a lovely person with such a lovely laugh. Her memorial service was today in Denver. I'm sorry that I won't get to hear all the stories and the memories of her at her service. But I felt okay about traveling this week as she and my Uncle Sid traveled a lot in their retirement all around the world - and I know she found a lot of joy in that. I've been thinking about my family and our group has been praying for them.

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scott said...

Sarah, Looks like you are keeping super busy. Thanks for sharing the pics, and please be safe. I look forward to seeing you upon your return for the details and more photos.

Kind regards,